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27 - 30 JULY 2023


audio journey
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The Birth of “die Seuntjie”



Only from a shattered state , can we understand a state of wholeness

Through the cracks, the light shines. The light that glues the pieces, everything back together.

In our perception of reality we see a shattered world, maybe different stages of a game. Each stage a piece that you gather, that you learned to breathe through when you figured out how to graduate from the loop, the illusion of this shattered state. Each stage is like a birth to a new awakening, the next level, a next piece to glue together.

What if you reach a level where the only way you to crack the code of it, is to open your heart to figuring it out with another. What if we carry the pieces of one soul?

Are we reaching the stage in our human evolution where the shattered, divided state has become so obvious and shoved in our faces that we have no other option but to start putting the pieces back together? Like the game of the Ego, this obsession with self and the attachment to the physical world, this human body is a shattered divided state and the only way to put it back together and take on this bigger game, is to do it together, call it a collaboration, a connection, or maybe an awakening to the true reality. That it is all one.


The installation is a depiction of this shattered state, a moment, a snapshot of decomposed Arcade units, that symbolises that moment of realisation that connection is the only way forward, in the stillness we can still hear the heartbeat, the pulse, there is nowhere to run and hide, when I am you and you are me, no matter what division programming we are operating under. In our connection we help each other remember. In this remembrance we start piecing the pieces back together as we take on this bigger game, our journey back to player one.

Player one will then be presented in a completed Arcade game featuring "Liefie and Seun" at the Arcade versions.Below Liefie and Seun explain the collaboration in finer detail: a

Please note that the "Seun" account shown on the above video was hacked and that he now has a new account @seun_op_aarde

Haidee Nel: instagram and her website


Back to Innocence - Liefie and Seun at the Arcade

This is an invitation for further development of the Arcade Boxes, pioneering the field where Art and Technology meet.

The idea is for the completed and final version of the Arcade Boxes to travel to Art Fairs / Exhibitions nationally & internationally, various Public spaces i.e. Malls, Airports and eventually be auctioned off.

Interested parties can connect via email: or for further information and/or Zoom meeting for discussion.



This is an invitations for further development of the Arcade boxes, pioneering the field where Art and Technology meet.

The idea is for the completed and final version of the Arcade boxes to travel to Art fairs / exhibitions nationally and internationally, various public spaces i.e Malls, Airports and eventually be auctioned off.


Interested parties can contact via email: or for further information and / or Zoom meeting for discussion.

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