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"a person who is skilled in or performs navigation, especially on a ship or aircraft - in our case a spaceship or the console..... the manager or director of the flow of data between two entities".

The following presentation aims to explain what information or data was downloaded since our physical connection and how to take this data and turn it into physical reality which aims to be an example of how to help program this new world we are all creating together.

How do we program the system to understand light, how do we anchor the light within it?
Do we discover the answer to this question when we make the above our intention that we keep coming back to and in the creation process start installing Divinity in the space between us?
Through connecting around a common goal?

This presentation is a multi media mix with links, I understand that sound is a very important language to you, I also believe that it is, as everything is sound and it already fills the space between us . Below we are explaining the basic outline of the idea, with the possibility to break performances down into chapters, so that future performances and chapters are also possible:



Activate Robin (AUDIO JOURNEY)

Haidee Nel and I had a stand at the Turbine Art fair where we did a mock up of a shattered Arcade unit. Here

is more about the exhibition: Liefie en Seun at the Arcade, The Birth of the Boy   

Here is a link of me explaining the stand: Seun explains at the fair 

Haidee is a world renowned sculpture artist and I (Seun) am a multi disciplinary artist, in our collabs Haidee creates sculptures and  I either alone or with other artists create digital art sound journeys for the sculptures.

After watching the video of the tour you will have seen a shattered arcade unit as mentioned above. The idea is to take that as a mock up and create that in the studio. Haidee also has experience in Television en Movie productions as well as Circus production and Costume development. This platform will also give us the opportunity to develop the two characters, Seun and Liefie further as to how they will operate in the game, combining various artists coming together and making it an adult game showcasing music, music video, art, sculpture, performance art and the list goes on.


The recording area is separate from the area where we sat in that night and the hallway in between everything that connects the spaces are almost like the wires or cords attaching the elements. The area we sat in then becomes the console with Robin the navigator playing the game and directing the journey, with sound, the console. The recording space becomes the stage, a porthole and is set up in such a way where it becomes an infinity box, with the performers inside doing their thing. The illusion of the whole concept can be created with mirrors, projections and lights.

The intention with this document is to explain the basic framework of the concept and if it resonates, to be open for further development.

I imagine the performance to start with the actual mock - up being presented and explained in this frequency of physical matter - the 3d plain, outside the studio.The audience will also then be presented with Haidee's process and how she has developed the two sculptures or players. Then some sort of call or projection calling the audience into the console. While they are in the wire / hallway making their way to the console, projections can already start creating the illusion that they are boarding a different frequency. It's important that the Sound journey always remains the "safe space" (with Robin the controller). But here is where the journey starts, the call to the console. The audience is in the performance.

Below an example of mapping the journey:

The whole journey can be a play between "with Headphones and without Headphones". On arrival in the parking lot  the audience can already feel like they are entering something other than the building, using projections and headphones. Guiding the viewer into the first space for the introduction as mentioned above... from there it could be the:

1. Call to the console - could for example be a projection of Seun as a boy singing Amazing Grace and then layering it with different languages singing the same song. Connecting above differences - mutual goal, peace love unity.

2. Once in the console, creating the illusion that it's a game with projections and sounds but also a sort of craft being navigated. Amazing grace then starts transitioning into .....

3. Vinger op die Pols (video below), which is the first performance in the infinity box. I imagine the song to be more of a landscape where we make it longer and add more to it. Live Harp, Violin, choir, adding a digital opera layer ect. This performance will be viewed from outside the box.

4. Then there will be a call into the wire or umbilical cord that links the console and the performance box, for the audience to enter the box - this can be done with an opera song that becomes the link between the two rooms. Here is a clip from opera singer we work with. Listen to it and imagine an underwater scene...... another frequency shift. Maybe her voice can be the guide throughout, so you know when you hear it, it's time to shift. 

Marcelle's website

5.This will then transition into the infinity box where the audience will be in the game, the sound journey then becomes the track Run + Hide(video below). We can also expand on the landscape for this song.

6. After Run and Hide there will be a call back in to the wire and then to land back into the 3D space outside the studio for drinks and a discussion and maybe a "Bonus Stage" as a teaser for what we are working on currently...... a project called Bekind.

Bekind Mood board link.

The below videos are mood boards for the songs and the sort of performances that go with them.

The idea is to get a diverse cast:

Ballet dancers

Performance artists

Violin player



Jude Harpstar who I created Vinger op die Pols and Run + Hide with plays the harp and piano and is a vocalist.. 

Jude's website

we can add more.....

The more diverse the cast the more we are an example of our intention, to raise our collective frequency by creating something beautiful above our physical differences.



Thank you for your time, I hope we can develop this concept and code this system with the kind of world that we all get a chance to experience peace love and unity, finally.

Seun + Liefie

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